Dec 01, 2015

Holiday Giving Campaign Supports Historic B-25, the Devil Dog

GEORGETOWN, TX (December 1, 2015) - This December, the Commemorative Air Force’s Georgetown, TX based Devil Dog Squadron will participate in a new online giving campaign that supports the organization’s mission of restoring and flying vintage military aircraft.

The month-long campaign may be accessed at, and provides our community with an opportunity to support the Devil Dog, a World War II B-25J Mitchell. Devil Dog commemorates the Marine Corps aviators of World War II. The Dog, as the plane is affectionately known, is tasked with the mission of providing a living, breathing link to the war years. The Dog flies thousands of miles each year to airshows and other events around the country, making her one of the busiest of the handful of B-25s remaining. Now she needs the help of the community to ensure that she can continue her mission.

“Our aircraft is maintained and operated by volunteer members who donate countless hours to the meticulous care of this airplane” said Devil Dog Commanding Officer Mark Frederick. “To offset costs we rely on fundraising events like this. All contributions are tax-deductible and go directly to our educational mission, so generations of Americans will value and support the contributions of military aviation in assuring our nation’s freedom.”

About Devil Dog Squadron

DEVIL DOG SQUADRON is part of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF), an educational non- profit organization founded in 1957. The CAF has more than 12,000 members and 165 vintage military aircraft located around the nation. These aircraft comprise the world’s largest flying museum, and are operated for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations.

Delivered to the Air Force in 1944, the Devil Dog commemorates the Marine Corps version of the B-25, which in Navy service was known as the PBJ-1J. Her unusual dark blue paint, 16 machine guns and twin 1800 HP engines make her a beloved fixture of air shows nationwide. Devil Dog tells the little known story of the Marine Corps medium bombardment squadrons which served in the Pacific theatre. Thousands of Marines served and hundreds gave their lives in these squadrons on the way to ultimate victory.