An Experience Like No Other - Living History Flight Experience

Preflight Briefing

Strapping in, donning your headset, you realize this is nothing like a flight on an airliner. You've been briefed on what to expect, there may be some exhaust smoke in the plane on start up(!?), you can hear the pilots go through their before-start checklist.

An engine starts turning - the pilot waits for "9 blades" to rotate by - and then the engine comes to life. The procedure is repeated on the other side. This is getting real.

'Selfie' in the prop spinner?

After the "runup" - checking all the aircraft systems for proper operation - you taxi out to the runway and position for takeoff. And then your definition of loud gets reset as both engines are set to takeoff power and you are pushed back into your seat - this old dog still has some muscle - and you are soon airborne.

Cue the grins and maybe some goosebumps.

Soon after you are airborne, the crew will signal you can unbuckle your seat belts and are 'free to move about the cabin'. Looking out the front window and to the side at that huge spinning propeller - you can't help but wonder what it was like for our veterans who flew these planes and others like them.

Take aim at imaginary bad guys

In the back, at the waist gun positions, or the tail gun position, imagine what it must have been like defending your airplane from enemy aircraft.

Of course you can't know what it was really like but you'll have a much greater appreciation of the working conditions and sacrifices made by our veterans to defend our country and freedoms.

No matter how long the flight, it'll be over before you are ready so be sure to keep moving and get a look out of each of the big windows. Or, if you prefer, feel free to stay seated and just enjoy the ride.

The crew will signal when it's time to find a seat and buckle up for landing. After landing and taxi back it will be time to leave the airplane. Your feet will be back on the ground but your spirit will still be up in the air. You've just completed a Living History Flight Experience on the Devil Dog - an experience like no other.

Please note: For the safety of all persons on board, all riders must be able to enter and exit the Devil Dog unassisted.

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