About Devil Dog Squadron


The Devil Dog Squadron is a volunteer organization of the Commemorative Air Force, dedicated to flying, maintaining and preserving a WWII B-25 bomber, the Devil Dog. The Devil Dog represents a PBJ, the Marine Corps version of a B-25.

We encourage you to explore our site to learn more about PBJs, the Squadron and the Commemorative Air Force.

What's New

The Devil Dog recently acted as photo ship with the Blue Angels.

Mach Point One Aviation graciously shared some of the photos from the mission - featuring the Blue Angels over Corpus Christi. Check out the photos - 2017 Wings Over South Texas.

Feed the Dog

Giving history a future requires support. The Devil Dog Squadron relies on support from personal and business donations to cover the ongoing operating, maintenance and restoration costs.


Squadron Christmas party
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Squadron Meeting
General Monthly meeting



We like taking pictures and videos of the Devil Dog - it's such a fine looking airplane.


We wish to thank our sponsors for their generous support
in helping us to keep the Dog flying

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